Emergency Maintenance Affecting Cluster C39

2023-JUL-04 20:04 UTC (RESOLVED)

Our team has diligently monitored the situation and has ensured that cluster C39 is functioning as expected.


2023-JUL-04 17:04 UTC (UPDATE)

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully restored the functionality of the cluster. Our team will continue to actively monitor the system to ensure full resolution of all related issues.


2023-JUL-04 16:11 (UPDATE)

We regret to inform you that the issue with the cluster has recurred. Our engineering team has identified it as a networking problem affecting the functionality of the system. We are currently working diligently to rectify this issue and restore all sites to their optimal conditions.


2023-JUL-04 12:08 UTC (UPDATE)

The functionality of the cluster has been completely restored, by our engineering team and all sites are operating at their optimal conditions. We will continue monitoring the health of the cluster.


2023-JUL-04 11:09 UTC (UPDATE)

Our engineering team has successfully resolved most of the issues that arose, although still experiencing reduced availability of our Cluster.


2023-JUL-04 10:39 UTC (OPEN)

We are observing reduced functionality at our cluster C39 resulting in slow loading times for the websites hosted there. Our Engineering team is currently looking into the issue and will be sorted out in no time. We will provide an update once the issue is resolved.