Ongoing DDoS Attacks Causing Network Outages


2016-FEB-3 14:00UTC (RESOLVED) 

A detailed RFO – postmortem account has been released describing the sequence of events and critical response actions taken during the unprecedented Christmas Holiday Attacks. The account discloses lessons learnt and announces steps that have been taken to avoid widespread disruption of service from future incidents. We continue to monitor around the clock with eyes on glass and always remain vigilant in-case of a reoccurrence, although such a large scale event is not expected at this time.

2015-Dec-31 19:40UTC (MONITORING) 

At this time connectivity appears to be returning to normal. Upstream has notified us that users may continue to run into intermittent connectivity as they monitor for additional attacks on their global network infrastructure.

2015-Dec-31 14:23UTC (UPDATE)

Intermittent packet loss and problems with connectivity are ongoing as our main upstream & datacenter provider continues to mitigate constant large scale DDoS attacks against their global infrastructure.

They (and subsequently we) have been hit particularly hard for the previous few days by continuous & unprecedented major DDoS attacks targeted at their global infrastructure, resulting in many data-centers going completely offline around the world. The investigation is continuing and we are waiting for their detailed report as to why the disruption of service is so widespread and prolonged, and based on their findings and explanations we will act accordingly.

It’s important to note that these attacks are not targeted at Pressidium or any of our customers, rather they are direct attacks targeting 3rd party infrastructure and network carriers and are affecting a vast array of companies & industries.

We continue to monitor the situation and will update you of any further developments accordingly.

 2015-Dec-27 09:24UTC (MONITORING)

Network has now been fully restored and our upstream provider continues to monitor the case for any abnormal traffic changes. We are expecting root-cause analysis of the case shortly.

2015-Dec-27 07:47UTC (UPDATE)

We’re in communication with our upstream provider to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2015-Dec-27 05:37UTC (OPEN)

Our London Data Center is currently experiencing site-wide network interruptions and connectivity issues. Our network engineering team is working with our upstream provider to get these issues resolved as soon as possible. All websites hosted at London are currently experiencing degraded performance.