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Enterprise Bulk WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Yorgos Fountis

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Digital WordPress agencies with a web portfolio of hundreds or thousands of WordPress sites often use bulk WordPress hosting services for their clients, since it makes sense both financially and organisationally.

However,  hosting your web portfolio on your own VPS servers can present unforeseen problems, which can seriously deteriorate the financial health of your business, even to the point of total collapse!

Bulk hosting your WordPress sites on VPS is fraught with danger

Bulk hosting hundreds of WordPress sites on VPS means that you need to keep them running smoothly. You can’t just really put them on a server and forget about them. Operating systems and software services need maintenance, and this is also true for WordPress, which unfortunately has its fair share of security issues. All this means that besides what hosting infrastructure you will choose for providing bulk WordPress hosting services, you’ll need a systems administrator (or two, depending on how large your portfolio is).

These security issues are usually easy to be exploited, and most malevolent actors simply bake them into automatic scanners, that can probe hundreds of sites for vulnerabilities in a few minutes. So imagine if you had let’s say 200 WordPress sites all running a vulnerable version of some plugin, an outdated WordPress core version, or even a buggy web server. Your entire business and web portfolio could be hacked in under 15 minutes.

Although not all security breaches result in defacement or data loss, there’s a high chance that parts of your sites will be corrupted, or worse, used as a proxy for further attacks.  Security problems like that often cause a lot of downtime, which if we are talking in scales of hundreds of WordPress sites, it’s an unmitigated disaster.

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Furthermore, most hacked websites become centers of spam activity, resulting in your domain being black-listed and your email services rendered completely inoperable.

If you factor all the costs and risks of maintaining your own systems, particularly if it’s not just a couple of websites but hundreds, the math just doesn’t add up. Although your primary goal should be to achieve a good cost per site ratio, it definitely should not be your only concern.

The ideal situation would be to cut the entry costs to Enterprise WordPress while keeping all the benefits and quality of service that is expected from Enterprise-grade managed WordPress hosting providers. Let’s see how Pressidium Enterprise is the perfect fit for WordPress agencies seeking Enterprise-grade managed mass WordPress hosting.

Enterprise Mass WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Pressidium Enterprise can help you consolidate everything under one account

As we mentioned earlier, WordPress agencies are looking to consolidate with a good cost per WordPress site rate, but this is not enough. Security, real support, powerful dedicated hardware, and high availability are the key ingredients. Pressidium Enterprise provides all these facilities.

Pressidium Enterprise offers unparalleled dedicated hardware: 2N+1 High Availability configuration in a load balanced 5-node dedicated server cluster with higher factors of isolation and redundancy. A single Enterprise-III account can host around 500 lightweight marketing-type WordPress sites, which makes the cost per site ratio around $7.2.

With $7.2 per site you also get:

Multilayered security mechanisms across the stack built in the platform (there is no need for additional security plugins, in fact some of them had serious security issues on their own), real white-glove level DevOps support that works round the clock 24/7/365 (and not just call-center type scripted replies) and vertical/horizontal autoscaling capabilities that enable your sites to withstand traffic spikes and be highly available and fault-tolerant.

Also, we offer the white label capability to hide Pressidium’s menu and logo from the WordPress Admin menu, if you wish to do so.

At this point, we would also like to explain why we do not offer integrated e-mail services with our Enterprise WordPress architecture.

The reason is simple: e-mail is a complex thing when deployed and maintained at scale, requiring significant expertise as well as resources. As we are solely focused on Enterprise WordPress we do not want to offer a watered-down service by providing anything less than the best. Our engineering team is 100% Enterprise WordPress oriented.  Thus, as an alternative, we suggest to our clients to either use Zoho Mail for a free solution, or Gmail Suite for a paid one.

Although we describe the benefits of Pressidium Enterprise WordPress mostly based on logistics and economy of scale in this article, we need to point out that our prime goal as a technology partner is another thing entirely. It is to offer our engineering excellence and technical experience to your business by providing real, robust, and cost-effective Enterprise solutions that streamline, consolidate and empower. Enterprise architecture is not cheap, but you should not pay thousands of dollars for an overpriced third-party cloud solution either.

This is only possible by applying real engineering to solve this problem, and not just cobbling-up, re-branding and re-selling mediocre two-node cluster HA solutions from some “Big Daddy” cloud computing company.

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