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Gutenberg E07: Additional Gutenberg resources and tools

Jim Zarkadas

3 min read
Image for Gutenberg E07: Additional Gutenberg resources and tools

In the final episode of our Gutenberg series we take a look at the best online Gutenberg resources to further guide and inspire you along the way!

The team behind WordPress Gutenberg

Remarkable talks and articles

Play and experiment to get familiar with Gutenberg

  • Atomic Blocks
    Atomic Blocks is dedicated to crafting the finest WordPress editor blocks and spreading the knowledge along the way They’re building a beautiful collection of blocks to help you build the website you’ve always wanted, effortlessly. 
  • Frontenberg
    A public online instance of Gutenberg  that anybody can try out. No login necessary!

Make sure to stay in the loop

  • Gutenberg.news
    The humans behind Array Themes create the http://gutenberg.news where you can get Gutenberg tips, tricks and updates in your inbox. They will send you a weekly digest with 10 links to the best code snippets, tutorials and resources.
  • Go Gutenberg
    Go Gutenberg was created by Dave Warfel, owner of the popular WordPress blog, WP Smackdown. The site aims to help WordPress site owners & editors better understand Gutenberg, and how to use it.

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