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How Does Pressidium Provide Reliability & Uptime?

Stacey Corrin

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You’ve seen them. They’re all over the web. Big, bright, flashy banners that make wild and elaborate promises. It’s only when you’ve bought into the promise, that you realize it’s nothing more than a myth, a ploy to part you with your cash.

Of course I’m talking about web hosting and the wild claims of “your site will never go down!” and “100% Uptime SLA guarantees”. Yeah…that my friends is a myth and here’s why.

Why 100% Hosting Uptime Is A Myth

It’s a simple fact that no single host can guarantee 100% uptime of your website. If they do, they’re not being entirely truthful or they don’t understand the nature of hosting, systems and network infrastructure in general. This is because there are always events you cannot possibly plan for, that might take a system offline.

It’s like living in any part of the world. There’s always a chance that disaster might strike. There’s no way to guarantee you’re always 100% safe, but you can plan for most eventualities.

How a host prepares their systems to ensure maximum uptime can vary from host to host. It also depends on the type of hosting you choose.

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Standard shared hosting tends to have very little in place to protect you from downtime. And because you’re sharing a server with hundreds if not thousands of other websites, if one server goes down, they all go down.

Managed WordPress Hosting isn’t immune either. Edge servers can go down with very little warning and it takes time to diagnose the issue and get things back up and running again.

What We Do To Make Pressidium One Of The Best Choices

At Pressidium we take up-time incredibly seriously. Combined with some of the very best security and performance around, we make it our mission to keep your websites up and running as much as we’re able to. We don’t guarantee that there’ll never be a time when stuff goes a bit wonky. We’re only human. But we do work tirelessly around the clock to ensure this doesn’t happen often.

Our whole infrastructure revolves around a multitude of health and performance monitoring services, both internal and external to our Platform to make sure that everything is operating normally. We’ve integrated with well known best-of-breed monitoring apps such as New Relic, Nagios and Pingdom to gain full stack insight to all the components which support the proper operation and functioning of each and every web site on our platform.

We don’t only monitor our infrastructure either. We take careful performance measurements of each component and of the end result; your website (plus we’ll test and sample DNS load times, Yslow scores, DOM load times, Application Performance Index Scores, error rates and so much more).

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All of the above is carried out in-order to create a performance baseline for every single site using our platform. It makes it easier to pin-point areas that need further optimization while at the same time providing the required operational insight to keep each and every site’s uptime up at some of the highest levels in the industry, even beyond.

Then there’s our Enterprise Architecture which you can read more about here, to minimize risk across our infrastructure. If one server which hosts your website for example has a failure and goes down, it won’t effect your website, since it’s floated on multiple servers in a clustered compute grid, and this offers the redundancy you need to keep your site up & operational in-case of server failure.

It’s not just in the up-time of our platform that we’re reliable however. Our support service is as reliable as they come. Whenever you need us, there is always someone there ready to help you, regardless of what your question might be.

How Your Business Will Benefit

The benefits for you are many. Since our entire platform is monitored around the clock, we’ll know in seconds if there’s ever a potential issue.

Our Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and because we’re all highly experienced engineers, we’ll be able to diagnose a problem quickly and efficiently.

In the event that your site does go down, we’ll work tirelessly to get it back up again in as short a time as possible. And we’re not just saying that. We owe our customers everything, so we always stand by our word in this and do it all free of charge.

Final Thoughts

At Pressidium we know that your business means everything to you. That’s because our business and our customer’s satisfaction means everything to us.

We won’t make grand gestures and display giant badges claiming guaranteed uptime and reliability for our Managed WordPress Hosting. Instead we let our actions do the talking, so you can experience it for yourself.

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