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Website downtime can ruin your marketing effort

Yorgos Fountis

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Website downtime can ruin your marketing effort

In the past, we’ve discussed why your website’s uptime is beneficial to your business. Conversely, website downtime does not affect your business alone but it ruins your marketing efforts as well. Loss of revenue, time, traffic, brand loyalty and the money you put into the ad are few of the fields affected. Not to mention the deflated morale in the end.

Hopefully, you can protect your business, and personal health by investing a little bit in the right places.  

How downtime impacts your marketing campaign

Imagine the scenario where you plan out and execute an entire marketing campaign, invest money, time and resources to make it the best you can. Your ads become suddenly viral, there is a huge traffic spike to your website, your WordPress hosting provider can’t handle the load, and your website experiences downtime. The worst case scenario is to experience downtime just when your campaign starts to generate revenue. This is certainly a situation where sanity becomes very frail:

  • Loss of revenue: with an offline website, your online business is practically dead, and the ads running cannot generate any revenue. Every second while your ad is running and your website is down, you lose more money.
  • Loss of traffic: Assuming that your campaign has just started to generate incoming traffic, if your website goes offline and your visitors experience that, the chances are that they won’t be coming back again.
  • Loss of brand image: Visitors that are going to click on your ad because they got interested in your product end up on a non-working website. This experience is probably going to affect their opinion about your brand negatively, and it is going to take a lot of effort, money and time to rebuild that trust. 

Managed WordPress Hosting solves this!

All of these problems stem from your hosting provider’s inability to support your business. However, Managed WordPress hosting providers offer significant protection from sudden traffic spikes by hosting your website in a highly-available environment, that can seamlessly scale according to need:

  • Transparent scalability: Your website can utilise extra resources if the need arises and you experience sudden high traffic surges. This is done in a transparent way, without you or the visitors noticing any glitch at all.
  • High availability: Your website is not served on a single machine but rather on a cluster of highly available servers. The load-balancers that sit in front of your website, redirect each visitor’s request to the server that has the least load. If one of the servers goes down (either a web-server or a database), your website will still function without any problems. High availability should be on all layers and not just the web server.

In general, managed WordPress hosting solutions may seem a bit expensive, but on the other hand, marketing campaigns are even more expensive and you can’t risk having them go bad. In the long-term, the cost of a managed plan is rather low when compared to the potential problems that you expose yourself to, and the money you are going to throw to a hosting provider that is unable to cope with your business needs.

When you pour money, sweat and time into a campaign everything needs to be perfect. The last thing you want is to have your website fall short of the expectation when success and growth is what you are after. If your business is fortunate enough to generate traffic spikes that cause website downtime, then you might need to consider getting a Managed WordPress Hosting solution.

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