Email deliverability issues

2023-JUL-28 22:34 UTC (RESOLVED)

After careful observation and thorough analysis of our email deliverability systems over the past few hours, we are now confident that the previously encountered issue has been successfully rectified.


2023-JUL-28 08:30 UTC (UPDATE)

The email deliverability issue has been successfully resolved. We will diligently monitor the situation to ensure smooth operations.

2023-JUL-28 02:21 UTC (UPDATE)

The investigation is still in progress. In the meantime, you are kindly requested to use Pressidium’s dashboard for communication with the support team. Customer websites are not affected by this issue. Only emails sent from/to addresses

2023-JUL-28 02:04 UTC (OPEN)

Our automated systems have detected possible e-mail deliverability issues for Gmail users. We are currently investigating and will provide an update soon.