Hosting UPDATED: 27 September 2023

Enterprise WordPress Hosting: The Pressidium® Platform Architecture

Stacey Corrin

14 min read

When talking about delivering fast, reliable and secure managed WordPress hosting, we often refer to the term Enterprise Architecture. In this article, we’ll talk about the cloud structure of Enterprise Architecture and explain why we use it as the core aspect of our design. We’ll also delve into how this can help your business and the benefits it will provide you and your ongoing high-traffic projects.

So let’s dig!

What Is Enterprise Architecture in WordPress Hosting?

To understand Enterprise Architecture hosting, we first need to look at the conventional hosting solutions already available on the market. It’s likely the case if you own a website or blog that uses one of these solutions already and are familiar with how they set out their plans. The more space, bandwidth and websites you need, the further you need to go up the package scale.

As an example, you might begin on a shared hosting plan that costs a few dollars. As your site gains traction, you’ll likely upgrade to a plan that affords you more space. If you really make it big, you’ll expand to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a dedicated server and so on and so forth.

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What you might not realize with your standard hosting package, is that everything is bundled onto a single-layer low-end server. You’re sharing that small chunk of space with thousands of other websites, making things pretty crowded. Even as you scale up, you’ll still be sharing space with others, leaving your site vulnerable to performance and security issues. It’s not until you make it to the very top solutions that you start to experience web hosting, where you are the sole user on that server. But what happens when you surpass the capabilities of that and still need to scale?

It’s a flawed system and it’s something we’re trying to change with Pressidium’s Enterprise Architecture.

The Enterprise Architecture Structure

Enterprise Architecture hosting is based around what’s known in the industry as N-tier architecture. It’s a model whereby instead of hosting websites on a single server, they’re hosted on multiple servers with multiple layers.

Enterprise WordPress Hosting - Pressidium's platform architecture structure

Each Tier or Layer in this architecture performs a different function, meaning a request from a webpage needs to go through multiple layers of security and verification in order to deliver the information required. Here is an example of what’s in each tier:

Presentation Tier

This tier’s role, often called the DMZ (demilitarized zone) or Front-End Tier, is to deliver all of your website’s pages along with your content back to the web browsers of your site’s visitors over the internet. It often contains multiple servers which perform load-balancing and caching functions for your website. A screen of front-end firewalls secures and protects these functions from malicious activity.

Web App Tier

This is the first backend tier and is often called the ‘Logic’ or ‘Application’ tier. This tier is where your website application ‘lives’, it is where WordPress & PHP runs and where your code resides. It performs all the magic required in order to dynamically render your website into beautiful HTML pages. It is the ‘brains’ of your site and it is where most of your site’s processing is carried out while data is moved between tiers.

Data Tier

This is where data is stored. It is the last of the backend tiers and it is where your website’s content & database reside. The data tier stores sensitive information such as passwords and usernames. Behind the scenes, multiple layers of firewalls, abstraction and private networks safely protect the data from the outside world.

However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pressidium’s Enterprise Architecture goes beyond this by including additional layers with multiple functions that further enhance the overall user experience. These layers include additional security, adaptive caching, load balancing and clustering functions.

Inside Pressidium’s Platform Architecture

When a request is sent to a Pressidium WordPress site, it instantly faces two firewalls from the offset. One is a network firewall, while the other is a web application firewall – something that’s not what you usually get with conventional hosting.

Next, the request will hit a load balancing layer before reaching Pressidium’s adaptive caching layer. It will then meet the WordPress application cloud. Sensitive data is further buried behind this layer in the database cluster & secured distributed storage, ensuring malicious requests never gain access to it. It’s complex – the diagram below shows an early design of our systems. As you’d expect, this design has evolved considerably since our launch back in 2014!

Pressidium Enterprise Architecture Mark I - Initial Concept - Private Cloud Version

Of course, all of this happens in nanoseconds. As a user trying to login to a webpage, you won’t notice anything other than the confirmation or failure of your username and password, which is the beauty of Enterprise Architecture hosting. Despite the many functions going on behind the scenes, your own experience will be a simple, fast and pleasant one.

In addition to the above, our enterprise architecture also delivers another critical design advantage; fault-tolerance. This means that all components in each tier are fully redundant and there is no single point of failure in our architecture. If any single component should fail (for example a server), no problem. Your website will continue to be fully functional, your content will continue to be delivered and you will experience no downtime.

It’s important to remember that, as a rule, conventional hosting does not have any of the tiers & layers described above, and all of the logical components which make your website work are usually ‘packed’ on one single server. If it goes down, your website goes down.

Why Do We Take This Approach?

The reason why we take this approach is a simple one. As engineers who are passionate about WordPress, we believe everyone, regardless of their WordPress hosting plan, should have access to the very best in security, speed and performance. We think this should be standard across the industry and not limited to those who can afford to pay for it – unfortunately, this is not the case yet. 

More conventional hosting has a habit of penalizing its customers, without them even realising it. They keep their best services for those with deep enough pockets and even then those customers are paying for solutions they’re simply not receiving. What this means for you, is that you often deal with poor security, slow speeds, and unreliable hardware. That’s because you’re bundled onto servers that are too crowded. It really is a ticking time bomb for your website and it’s a sub-standard service where you’re not getting the quality you deserve.

Vision vs Reality

At Pressidium we’d love to be able to provide our service to every website owner for free. In an ideal world, we would, but since the world we live in is far from ideal, we’ve developed the next best thing where affordable prices are just a by-product of the efficiency of our design.

As engineers, we understand that our service is vital to the success of your business since we are a critical link in the delivery chain of your online presence, where your success leads to our success. We understand that this can be the only way; a true win-win principle that we abide by (if we fail you, then we all fail, and that is not an option).

It all starts with our partners and our Enterprise Architecture – the people joining our mission to make Enterprise hosting accessible to everyone. Anyone who takes out a managed WordPress hosting plan with us is treated as a partner. We know each customer by name and each customer is subject to the same level of quality across the board.

How Does This Help You?

We have built Pressidium’s Enterprise Architecture in such a way, that you never have to see or touch any of the complicated, technical tasks going on behind the scenes. Our team of highly trained DevOps experts take care of this. That leaves you with a Control Panel that’s simple, effortless to navigate and which allows you to get on with what you do best.

One of the key benefits of Pressidium Enterprise Architecture is the use of fault tolerance within its infrastructure (see above). Since we host your website on multiple, scalable servers, if there’s a problem with the hardware or software on one of our servers, your website will still be available to use as normal. In essence, there is minimum to zero downtime.

Not only does this mean your WordPress website will be available when you need it, but it also means you’ll experience incredible speeds conventional hosting simply can’t achieve. Further to this, your information will always be locked behind the best possible defences. These are benefits that only the most secure WordPress hosting providers can rightfully claim to offer.

What Does This Mean for WordPress Users?

How do we ensure the most popular platform on the web works seamlessly with our architecture? It’s an important question, so let’s take a look at what you can expect when you host with Pressidium:

  • If you choose to take advantage of our Enterprise WordPress hosting, we’ll migrate your site to us for free.
  • During the migration process, we’ll also fully optimize your website, fixing any faults, glitches and problems that may cause it to run inefficiently. We want your website to be the very best it can be and so use our knowledge to enhance your user website as best we can from a technical perspective.
  • Before rolling out any updates to the core WordPress software, we vigorously test them ourselves. You won’t have to worry about upgrading WordPress and fixing the problems often caused by new updates.
  • We’re experts in WordPress. We live and breathe the platform therefore we’re able to answer any questions related to the management of your website. We’ll even provide suggestions on the best plugins to use to complement the efficiency of our system.

We’re passionate about what we’ve created and we want you to reap the benefits of our Enterprise platform.

How Would Enterprise WordPress Benefit Your Business?

First, you can forget about paying outside agencies to maintain your website for you. Under our fully managed WordPress hosting plans, we include this service as standard. Why should you have to pay extra for something that’s a basic requirement of website security? Instead re-invest the amount you’d usually spend on this, back into your business.

About Enterprise Architecture

The same can be said for paying huge amounts on plugins to backup your data with. We already include this, across all of our plans. Your content, database – everything that makes your WordPress website behave and perform the way you want it to, is regularly backed up and stored safely. Should you run into a problem and wish to roll back to an older version with point-in-time recovery, you can do so quickly and easily.

It’s often the case that problems occur when you’re trying a new WordPress theme or plugin on your live website. Our plans all include comprehensive staging sites that allow you to try out new changes before making them live. You can experiment to your hearts content, knowing your website is safe with minimal downtime.

Pressidium is designed to scale, meaning your traffic can grow exponentially without your site breaking. While conventional hosts simply can’t deal with spikes in traffic, the scalability of our design means that we can. Likewise, we’re always up to date with latest technological developments, and what’s going on in the industry. We religiously implement these updates to our own platform, ensuring you have the very latest advancements in WordPress hosting which should benefit your projects, your business and your customers.

Final Thoughts

The Pressidium® Platform with its Enterprise Architecture was essentially built by WordPress users for WordPress users. We’re a passionate group of people with a combined expertise in engineering, IT, Media and Telecommunications, putting us in the best possible position to provide you with excellence in WordPress hosting. We benefit businesses by providing secure, scalable, and efficient WordPress hosting without the need for additional expenses.

We’re not interested in huge profits and just making money. As mentioned earlier, we’d give our groundbreaking platform away for free to every website owner if we could. Our passion is firmly rooted in offering something genuine, transparent and beneficial to all.

With our Enterprise Architecture, we’ve created a new dawn for WordPress hosting.


What is Enterprise Hosting?

Enterprise hosting is a hosting solution tailored for business and high-traffic websites. It utilizes a sophisticated infrastructure, like n-tier architecture, spreading the hosting environment across multiple servers and layers. This approach enhances reliability, security, scalability, and performance. Different tiers handle distinct functions, such as front-end delivery, application logic, and data storage. With fault tolerance and redundant components, downtime is minimized or eliminated even in case of failures. Enterprise hosting is ideal for businesses needing robust and reliable hosting services for critical online operations.

What does Enterprise WordPress mean?

Enterprise WordPress refers to the use of WordPress as a content management system (CMS) for business purposes, specifically for large-scale and complex websites or applications. It involves utilizing WordPress in an enterprise-level environment, where the platform is customized, optimized, and secured to meet the specific needs of businesses. Enterprise WordPress hosting typically involves advanced infrastructure, scalability, fault-tolerance, security measures, and expert support to ensure high performance, reliability, and flexibility for business operations. By leveraging the power and versatility of WordPress, businesses can efficiently manage their websites, deliver content, and achieve their goals in a robust and scalable manner.

Can WordPress be used for enterprise?

Yes, WordPress can be used for enterprise purposes. Enterprise Architecture hosting for WordPress involves utilizing a multi-tiered infrastructure, ensuring faster and more secure hosting. By distributing functions across layers and incorporating advanced security measures, load balancing, and caching, Enterprise Architecture provides better performance and scalability. It offers fault tolerance, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable website availability.

Pressidium’s Enterprise hosting brings top-notch hosting Architecture to your fingertips, delivering fast, reliable, and secure managed WordPress hosting. Our platform incorporates multiple tiers and layers, such as load balancing, adaptive caching, and clustering, to enhance user experience. The use of fault tolerance ensures minimal to no downtime, while the scalability of the infrastructure allows for remarkable speed and performance.

Additionally, Pressidium’s fully managed service includes free website migration, optimization, regular backups, staging sites for experimentation, and expert support. These features provide WordPress users with seamless integration, enhanced security, scalability, and the freedom to focus on their core business.

Can you use WordPress for a business?

Absolutely. Whether you’re running a complex e-Commerce operation or just rely on your website for basic marketing purposes, WordPress is an ideal choice that is used by millions of businesses (including large multinationals).

Pressidium’s Enterprise Architecture in WordPress hosting provides fast, reliable, and secure managed hosting. It utilizes a multi-layered architecture with fault tolerance, ensuring minimal to no downtime and remarkable scalability. With features like load balancing, adaptive caching, and multiple security layers, it offers exceptional performance and protection for WordPress websites. Pressidium’s fully managed hosting plans include migration, optimization, and continuous support, eliminating the need for external agencies. We also include backups, staging sites for testing, and seamless integration with WordPress themes and plugins.

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