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Onboarding Pressidium

Yorgos Fountis

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Onboarding Pressidium

Hearing the good word from our clients always makes us feel warm inside. We’ve gone a long way since 2014 and we have “miles to go before we sleep” as the poet says.

As we are a technology-oriented company we initially poured all of our efforts on infrastructure and DevOps support. This means that things like Marketing, and well-polished UIs did not initially enter the picture. We always believed that building a state-of-the-art managed WordPress hosting infrastructure and having a support ethos of high standards would in turn make our clients’ life better. The word of mouth from happy clients  is far more important than running ad campaigns, or having needless bells and whistles. However, we do plan to introduce major UI/UX changes in our Portal during 2018, beginning from the first Quarter. We’ll be focusing on tighter WordPress development integration, and a slicker user experience. 

Focusing on infrastructure and support first proved to be a wise choice, as we have seen a lot of clients contacting us because they were all experiencing pretty much the same problems: 

  • Downtime
  • Bad performance
  • Bad or non-existant support
  • Low WordPress expertise
  • Slow resolution ticket responses
  • Complex management
  • .. and even data loss!

Although managed WordPress hosting is not for everyone, you should consider it if you are already self-hosting your own WordPress, or use a non-managed hosting provider and are often experiencing these types of problems. Ultimately a managed WordPress hosting solution saves you precious time and gives you peace of mind. Everything is taken care by our support team, leaving you free to work on your business goals.

Joining Pressidium

It is often that you might need additional information, clarification on some finer points, or simply to ask our opinion on what plan will best suit your needs, before joining Pressidium. After you submit your question in the contact form you will be contacted by one of our chief Pressidium engineers that designed and built the architecture, welcoming you and providing detailed answers to all of your questions.  You’ll also get some further resources for reading about related topics and what Pressidium is all about.

When you’re set to go the following process takes place:

1. Signup/Data center choice

After you signup, you select a datacenter for your website. The datacenter choice often makes sense to where your visitors are coming from, and what particular area of the globe you need to serve.We have 3 state-of-the-art data centers located in North America, Asia Pacific and Oceania,  and London. If you are not sure about what to choose, don’t hesitate to open a ticket request with your questions.

2. WordPress migration

After you choose a datacenter, you will need to either submit a migration request, or provide us with an archive of your WordPress site created by the Duplicator plugin. The migration process does not cause any downtime and is completed usually in a 24h to 48h period  during business days.  You just need to provide us with your authentication credentials and we’ll handle the rest. You can migrate the following number of sites, depending on the plan you are on:

  1. The  Micro plan has 1 free WordPress migration.
  2. The Personal plan has 3.
  3. The Professional plan has up to 10.
  4. The Business plan has 25.
  5. The Business Plus plan has up to 50.

3. Integration period

When the migration is over, there is an initial testing period where we will iron out together any problems or hiccups that might result in problems. These are usually DNS-related, misconfigured plugins, or plugins that are deprecated and should not be used, causing 503 errors. You can also set up CDN for your website with just a click, issuing a request from our Portal.

4. WordPress Staging

After the testing period is over and your website hums happily, it’s time to create a staging environment. This can be done with just one simple click! A staging environment helps you deploy and test changes correctly and cut costs.

5. IP filtering

Finally, if you use static IPs you can request us to whitelist them so you won’t get blocked by our firewalls in case there are multiple unsuccessful logins.

Life after Pressidium

Our driving philosophy is this: when you join Pressidium we become an integrated part of your team. We pride ourselves in having a 5′ maximum first response time for Enterprise plans and 15′ for everything else.  We do not use call centers, or support agents that follow a script. There is no ticket escalation. You talk with the actual engineers that built the Pressidium platform. Because of that you get a high-level of expertise at your finger-tips for every problem that might beset you. Although we do not provide software development services,  we can definitely talk code with you and consult with you on how your WordPress site or plugin can fully leverage Pressidium’s Enterprise WordPress infrastructure.

We will also be the first to tell you if we are not a good fit for you, during the preliminary discussion via e-mail, and even go about suggesting a different hosting alternative or solution whenever possible. Our support ethos does not apply only to our clients, but to anyone that searches for a viable WordPress hosting solution, and needs a straight and honest answer.

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