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Scaling WordPress at Pressidium

Yorgos Fountis

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WordPress Scaling at Pressidium

Anyone who has a website understands the importance of growth. Without growth your site languishes, it becomes outdated and it is eventually forgotten. This is why you put so much effort into creating quality content, promoting that content and getting your information in front of the people that matter. You want to grow your audience, build a community and generate interest.

Growth can come with a downside though and it rears its head in the form of traffic. As your website grows it needs to be able to adapt to increased levels of traffic, without breaking a sweat. If it doesn’t then your site’s performance will take a hit, potential customers will move on to the next and faster alternative and you’ll be back where you started.

This is where scaling comes into the equation. In this article, we’ll look at what scaling is, why you need it to grow a successful website and how Pressidium approaches scaling with our Managed WordPress Hosting.

How Scaling Works And Why It’s Vital For Growing Websites

Plain speaking scaling allows your website to adapt to growing levels of traffic. Instead of having a panic attack when faced with an influx of hits, scaling offers the room and flexibility to quickly adapt to these changes. With scaling, your website can seamlessly utilise extra resources, in order to cope with a sudden flux of load. There are two different ways to scale: Horizontally, and vertically. Vertical scaling is when you add more hardware resources to the server, for example, CPU, or memory. Scaling a website horizontally, however, means adding more servers in a cluster configuration that can all serve your website. If a server goes down, you have N-1 more that serve your website. There’s no downtime, and no one notices anything.  

Without being able to scale, any website hosted in a standard environment and not in an Enterprise WordPress provider simply won’t be able to cope with the demand. Your site’s performance will suffer as a consequence, which in turn affects your readers and customers. If they can’t navigate your website with ease, they won’t have access to the information they need, ultimately resulting in loss of revenue for you.

In the case of other Managed WordPress Hosting providers, they may refer to scaling but the details aren’t always clear. How are you supposed to make an informed decision, if they don’t clearly describe how their platform scales?

Sometimes you need the facts there, right in front of you to see and understand. This is why we’ve taken a different approach and we are completely transparent when it comes to the Pressidium Platform. We’re the only Managed WordPress Hosting provider with published WordPress Enterprise Architecture diagrams that are available for the public to view online. These diagrams offer our full-blown solution, along with all the gains available to our customers, even for the very lowest plans. 

What this means for you is that you can finally see with your own eyes, exactly what you’re getting in regards to our expertise and knowledge. So let’s take a closer look at how we handle scaling.

How Pressidium Handles WordPress Scaling For High Traffic Sites

Before we dig into the details, it’s important to point out that everyone who joins Pressidium, will experience the benefits of our scaling capacities as standard. It doesn’t matter what plan you’re on, you can expect the same Enterprise WordPress support as customers receive on higher level plans.

The way in which we approach scaling is complete. Our architecture allows us to simultaneously scale both horizontally (by adding more servers to a layer) and vertically (by adding more hardware, storage, CPU and RAM to any server that needs it). Conventional hosts are usually limited and restricted by the old vertical approach only. Since their architecture doesn’t allow them to scale-out horizontally as in a truly high availability clustered environment. This ability to scale on both axes delivers to you unmatched performance and capacity on every single layer of our Enterprise Architecture Hosting.  Every single layer is high-performing and highly-available: We use technologies such as parallel file-systems, adaptive caching, load-balancing and horizontal scaling factoring high-performance as a baseline. High availability ensures that if one component fails, another will take over, with no glitch.

WordPress scaling: horizontal and vertical

For our team of experienced DevOps it means they’re able to perform upgrades to hardware, without any disruption to the service we offer. Similarly, it enables them to apply fixes to failing nodes. Again without any disruption or downtime. But the most important thing is that you get a team on your side.  

The future growth of your website is intrinsically related to the growth of our platform. As user demand grows, scaling allows us to deploy new clusters, enabling mass scalability for all of our customers’ websites without any barriers. This gives your business unprecedented technological potential.

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What This Means For Our Customers

All these might sound like marketing buzzwords to some, however, the truth is that although our Enterprise WordPress infrastructure uses state-of-the-art technology, our intent behind it is different. We do not really care about the latest technology trend, or the new buzzword (that most of the time it’s just a new spin on something existing). Instead, we are very cautious in what we put on our platform and in what way. If it ultimately doesn’t bring any value to your business or if there is even a small probability of interfering with it, then it’s out of the question. However “sexy” this new technology might seem.   

The combination of  our infrastructure, values, and people delivers the following:

  • Your site will be able to grow and adapt alongside your business.
  • Regardless of how big you get, your website won’t break.
  • The same applies to traffic spikes – your website won’t just handle the load, it will excel at it!
  • You’ll receive the same level of expert performance irrespective of your level of demand.
  • Everything is carried out behind the scenes, leaving you with more time to do what you do best.
  • All this is yours, for some of the most competitive prices on the managed WordPress hosting market.

Final Thoughts

Whatever you use WordPress for, there can be no doubt that the performance and uptime of your website are crucial for its successful growth. Without the ability of your audience to access the information they want, when they want it, you’ll soon find yourself lagging behind your competitors.

The powerful scaling capabilities of the Pressidium Platform ensures your site is always available whether you go from hundreds of visitors per day, right up to millions. We provide you with the potential. All you need to do is take advantage of it and use it!

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