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2023 Roundup: A Year In Review

Dily Sotireli

6 min read

Hey WordPress enthusiasts,

2023 brought some solid wins for Pressidium, and we’re eager to dive into the details. As we gear up for 2024, let’s take a straightforward look back at what went down. New features, cool events, and fresh partnerships – we’ll cover the highlights of Pressidium’s 2023 in this article. Stick around for the lowdown on our journey through the past year.

Our WordCamp Europe 2023 participation

In 2023, Pressidium proudly sponsored WordCamp Europe, seizing the opportunity to connect with attendees and provide real-time website performance assessments at our booth. Our team engaged with website owners, developers, designers, agencies, and all WordCamp enthusiasts, offering personalized advice tailored to their needs.

Our WordCamp Europe 2023 participation

We hosted exciting giveaways with prizes such as a one-year subscription to the Pressidium Professional Plan, valued at $1500, and an exclusive Udemy course.

Moreover, lucky participants had the chance to win 50% off coupons for the Universe Bundle for LifterLMS and special combo discounts on LearnDash bundles and WooNinjas quick launch plans.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate the next WordCamp Europe in Turin and hope to see you there for another incredible experience. Don’t miss out on the chance to connect and explore the world of WordPress with Pressidium!

New features and improvements

We continue to improve our product, continuously adding features and optimizing the user experience. Notable updates include:

At Pressidium, we love open source and try our best to contribute to the community. One of our public open-source contributions is the newly released Pressidium Cookie Consent plugin, which is available in the WordPress plugins directory.

Pressidium Cookie Consent Plugin

Pressidium Cookie Consent makes it easy to add a stylish, customizable cookie consent banner to your website and conditionally load third-party scripts (analytics, performance, targeting, etc.) based on the user-selected preferences to help you comply with EU GDPR cookie law, CCPA, and similar regulations. You can install the plugin directly from the WordPress admin interface or download it from the official WordPress plugin repository. Fully open source, the source code is available on GitHub if you want to take a look “under the hood”!

Access Logs and Password Protection improvements

We enhanced our Logs-related features to make it easy for users to gain access to raw data, by being able to download access logs for the past days, for post-processing analysis and reporting and to supplement our built-in website Dashboard Analytics reports.

Pressidium Dashboard - Firewall

Pressidium users can easily password-protect a website directly from the Dashboard, no complex file configuration is required. Our latest updates boosted this functionality by allowing independent configuration for staging/production environments, providing much-needed flexibility to support use cases such as setting up an “internal only” website or temporarily protecting a website before “going live”.

Web Application Firewall (WAF) updates

Our built-in platform WAF received several improvements in terms of performance and content filtering, continuously mitigating threats at the platform level.

Furthermore, we introduced brand new Firewall management features, integrated directly into the user Dashboard to allow users to take charge of their site’s safety by effortlessly blocking malicious IP addresses.

But that’s not all—our latest updates also allow users to define trusted IP addresses, ensuring seamless access for authorized users or services. Of course, we are working on additional goodies to take website security to the next level!

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Advanced Cache Management

We introduced new powerful additions to our website’s cache management toolbox, to give full control of several aspects of our multi-layer adaptive cache mechanism and optimize a website’s performance.

With the latest updates, users can activate the super fast Persistent Object Cache (included in all our plans for FREE!) to get a significant performance boost, manage cache URL exclusions, and purge individual caches for the whole website or a single URL.


In our continuous quest for excellence, Pressidium actively seeks partnerships that amplify the capabilities and offerings for our users. We’re excited to share one such collaboration:

Akamai CDN

We are thrilled to have partnered with Akamai, and to offer Akamai Enterprise CDN with no change in our current CDN pricing to all of our customers, effective immediately!

Pressidium & Akamai CDN partnership

Akamai CDN, a pioneer in content delivery services, stands at the forefront of ensuring seamless and accelerated online experiences. With a global network of servers strategically positioned, Akamai optimizes the delivery of web content, reducing latency and enhancing website performance.

Beyond speed, Akamai’s CDN prioritizes security, providing robust protection against cyber threats and ensuring the integrity of digital assets. Whether efficiently caching content or delivering a reliable and secure online presence, Akamai CDN remains a trusted solution for businesses seeking top-tier content delivery and a superior user experience.

Akamai’s Enterprise Content Delivery Network operates worldwide with over 300+ PoPs in a bleeding-edge network of approximately 365,000 servers deployed in more than 135 countries.

This significant upgrade to the CDN service that is powering our customers’ websites with even more POPs around the globe (300%+ more coverage) and reduced response times, comes at no additional cost!

Agencies Directory Launch: Navigating Collaborations with Ease

In November 2023, Pressidium made a significant stride by launching the Agency Partners Directory, marking a pivotal moment in our commitment to providing exceptional services to businesses and brands.

This innovative directory serves as a comprehensive hub, offering dedicated profiles for each agency with essential details such as services, project pricing, location, size, and languages spoken.

For businesses, it streamlines the partner selection process, eliminating endless searches and providing a one-stop shop for swiftly identifying potential collaborators. With standardized profiles, comparing agencies becomes a breeze, saving time and letting you make decisions confidently based on their track records. The user-friendly interface ensures a seamless journey for connecting with partner agencies.

For agencies, the directory facilitates network expansion and purposeful growth, with over 20 carefully selected partners enjoying fantastic exposure. Joining this thriving community is effortless – simply complete the form, and our Partners team will promptly reach out, ensuring you don’t miss the opportunity to grow with Pressidium in 2024 and beyond!

Recognizing Excellence

We are grateful for the trust and high appreciation from various partners, clients, and external review platforms. This feedback helps us understand where we stand and what we need to do better in the future to support our community, partners, and clients.

In 2023, we were honored to receive G2 badges for High Performer, Best Support, and Best meets requirements for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2023. We also value the unbiased reviews from users testing our services. Read some of these reviews on G2: Pressidium G2 Reviews.

Stay Tuned for Exciting Feature Updates!

Keep an eye out for upcoming feature updates as we continue to enhance your Pressidium experience. Exciting things are in store, and we can’t wait to share them with you!

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